100% Our Future

May 13, 2016 | Hall of Champions | 6:30PM


Help us give away 20 free school assemblies


At every assembly, we are amazed by the profound impact on students. Help us unlock the potential that exists in this generation of young adults! At this year’s Dinner for a Life, we hope to fill 40 tables and sponsor 20 schools in San Diego County with free assemblies.

Your gracious donation will provide music entertainment, an exceptional meal, the opportunity to hear an inspirational guest speaker, and will also contribute to helping raise approximately 30k for iTHINKBIG.ORG. At our event we hope to raise enough additional support to sponsor 20 schools.


You can help by

 1) Hosting a table 2) Attending DFAL or 3) Donating



Time & Location

MAY 13, 2016 • 6:30PM


2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA, 92101


Event speakers


Mark and Jan Foreman are the parents Jon and Tim, the founding members of the world-famous band Switchfoot. They are community leaders and have just released their book, Never Say No, Raising Big Picture Kids.

Aligning perfectly with the mission of iTHINKBIG.ORG, we look forward to Mark and Jan speaking at Dinner for a Life this year! Prepare to be inspired by the potential within this generation and even within your home, both present or future. 

Chad Furlong

Founder and President of iTHINKBIG.ORG, Chad has spoken to well over 2 million students across the US since 1994.

teacher of the year, marla rickard

Marla is a teacher at suzanne middle school in walnut, california. She will share firsthand the impact of ithink on her students over the past five years. We're excited to have her this year!

Band, Major Minus

Enjoy this funky, soulful pop/rock band from san diego. friends of ithink, they will provide our entertainment.


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We are in need of people willing to host a table. It's simple: 1) Recruit 8 people for your table 2) Have them register online
Help us facilitate 20 free assemblies for local schools in 2016-17.
Our giving platform is through Mogiv, and in your email will be a link to our Mogiv if you'd like to donate before attending DFAL. Donations can also be made at the event. Thank you for being a part of Dinner for a Life! We welcome any thoughts or questions in the field below.

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